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We are looking forward to finding creative ways to connect to our college students! As we navigate virtual OCF this year we are accepting monetary donations to cover OCF costs such as our new t-shirts and website. We pray that we can accept homemade meal donations in the near future so please check back in the spring if you are interested in bringing a meal to campus!

Ways to donate:

  • Use the donation window below

  • Venmo @OCFUofM

  • Send a check to UMN Orthodox Christian Fellowship 

    • To get the address to send the check to please email

Stewardship Prayer
O Lord our God, You created us and brought us into this life.  You showed us the way to salvation and have granted us the revelation of the heavenly mysteries.  Accept our Stewardship Offering as an acceptable sacrifice and in return send down upon us the grace of your Holy Spirit.  Look down on us, O Lord, and accept our Stewardship Commitment as You accepted the gifts of Abel, the offerings of Noah, the burnt offerings of Abraham, the priestly sacrifices of Moses and Aaron and the peace offerings of Samuel.  Accept also now, in your goodness, O Lord, these gifts from the hands of us sinners, making us worthy of the reward of the faithful and wise stewards on the fearful day of Your just judgment.

For You are the God of mercy, love and salvation and we glorify You, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and to the ages of ages.